UPDATE: Shhh to Shut – Heathfield Library Closing

To briefly update on Heathfield Library further to our longer piece here. Despite lobbying from local residents and politicos (including the Twickenham Labour Party) and the high profile national “save our libraries” campaign, it looks as if there’s no reprieve for this particular library. It will close its doors on 17th March 2011 and the plan to offer a facility at a new site has been canned. This decision shows that no increase to Council taxes as touted by El Brute (aka LBRuT) is not only about good news for council tax payers, it also has its downsides in terms of cuts to services and local job losses. Tough times for the economy which even affect the very leafiest of London suburbs.

People power has, however, led to a hint of a silver lining. The Commuity Centre next door will be offering a limited library service from the 28th for 3 hours a day, Monday to Friday. We wish it well but will that be enough to sustain a viable library service?

As for the library site, the plan is to develop it into a ‘polyclinic’ health centre so perhaps there’s some small consolation in it still being used for the benefit of the community in the Heathfield area of Twickenham.

Oh, and on the subject of libraries and cuts and stuff, just one more thing… when did a banker last take out a library book? Just askin’, like.

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  1. Mark Walker

    It’s also worth noting that Cllr Alan Butler opposed spending the relocation money on a new Library, despite being very visible and vocal in the campaign to save the Library. Though of course he also has expressed concerns about closing Tangley Hall and then voted for the closure.

    Still none of the cuts to services in Twickenham will effect residents of Weybridge – will they Mr Butler?