When a Tesco Express opens up it doesn’t generally spell good news for local convenience stores. When Tesco say they are working with the community to make a difference they usually mean fun-runs and charity stuff like that rather than sucking the trade away from other local shops.

NKB Food Store, Heath Road, Twickenham
Supermarkets are a fact of life for most people but so is popping out to the corner shop to buy a paper or a pint of milk. Or both. Or some cheese. Or all three. You get the idea? The corner shop purchase is an area where the big grocery chains, especially Tesco, are actively expanding.

With that in mind it’s always good to see local shops responding to the Tesco challenge. The AM 2 PM store on Heath Road seemed to respond to tough trading conditions by selling alcohol to children. That was not a good response. It got closed down and to be honest its stock choices were pretty poor in the first place. Bye bye.

NKB Undercutting Tesco in Twickenham
Meanwhile, just a minute away, NKB Food Store has made some good choices in its efforts to keep business ticking along, taking on new products and competing on price on some key lines. Its free range eggs are significantly cheaper than Tesco’s – it even has a sign up to prove the point. It sells a good selection of beers including various bottled brews from Fullers and stocks a small but decent selection of wines including Twickenham staples such as Oyster Bay and Wolf Blass. They’ve also started stocking a small range from less well known producers. Blimey, they’re so tapped in to Twickenham life that they even sell Green & Black’s chocolate & jars of olives. Skillz! This doesn’t mean that NKB is some kind of trendy local deli, it’s not. But it is a good local shop trying to maintain its market share in the face of tough competition. And it just goes to show that a positive attitude and a bit of customer service still count for something.

So who’s doing their bit round your part of Twickenham to take on the big boys?