Occasional twickerati collaborator and general Twickenham type @monkeybanjo has been roaming the streets to bring this eggs-clusive insight into local shopping.

Eggs pictured recently in Twickenham
What with all the empty shops in Twickenham perhaps, although not certainly, heralding a period of stagnation, we are looking for ways to tighten our belts. This back to basics approach obviously includes our shopping baskets and in it is common knowledge that shopping at different types of shops can save you a packet.

The recent arrival of the late night Tesco Express near Twickenham Green has brought the delights of the large name brand to those in the area without the hassle of making a special journey up to the Tesco Extra by the perennially stinky Mogden Lane sewage works.

However, all is not as it seems and one can no longer rely on the brands to tell us what is what. Take free-range eggs for example. The cheapest box of six varies wildly between the shops (the following prices were taken in mid-January) within a mile of each other.
£1.60 – Tesco Express – 26p per egg [Edit: & currently £1.76, or 29p each]
£1.39 – newsagent nearby – 23p per egg
£0.80 – Tesco Extra – 13p per egg
£1.46 – Waitrose – 24p per egg

As one can see, Waitrose is not the most expensive shop in Twickenham any more. The prices in M&S food were also cheaper than Tesco Express and even Iceland could save you a packet.

So don’t be fooled. Pay careful attention and you could halve your shopping bill in Twickenham. And that has to be egg-celent news.