Station Development Update… Updated (again)

The freight train of high rise development continues to rumble on. At the controls is Solum Regeneration, the double act of Kier Property and Network Rail. It seems unstoppable, but is it? Can it be derailed, diverted into a siding or at least modified into something more suitable for the burbs? The TRAG team already have a lot of local support and are doing a good job of raising awareness of their Save Our Skyline campaign.

Meanwhile the cosmetic changes to the podium design requested by the Council planning committee have been submitted for consideration. And in tandem with that, the plans for the main station development have been verified are are now available on Richmond Council’s planning pages here. Who knew that the multi-storey car park look was a la mode for residential developments at the moment? (Oui, on parle un peu de francais ici, mais seulement un smidgen)

And on those cosmetic changes to the podium, TRAG will be highlighting the universal truth that if you put lipstick on a pig then it’s still a pig. They’ll be adopting a porcine theme at their stall on Saturday. If you want to know more and get the latest on the plans then go and see them near Waitrose / Happicraft. The pig related protest will be at its piggy height between 10.45 and 11.00am. Drop by for a chat or just to say ‘oink’.

Save Our Skyline protesters out on Saturday 5th Feb. “You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig”.

Save Our Skyline protesting about Twickenham station plans

The TRAG SOS website has a lot of images of the proposed design.
Here’s one of them…enjoy!

(and FYI, “block B” will be just a few metres from the new Regal House hotel. And the same height. As said above, enjoy!)

Plans for main development


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6 responses to “Station Development Update… Updated (again)

  1. gawain

    Beyond hideous. Everyone should register strong objections. There are many good ones already posted on the relevant Council page. We need station improvements, but not at this price.

  2. nemesis

    Block A, Block B,
    Where is cell block H?

  3. Yvonne Hewett


  4. jmtwix

    For quick and easy access to the station development images please visit Its so much easier than trawling slowly and painfully through the council site. Once you’ve had a look at our site you can easily link back to the council site to ‘comment on the application’.