Opening the Riverside 'Secret Garden' (photo: @monkeybanjo)
This site loves nothing more than a few lame puns. In fact, even the name of this site fits that bill. So imagine our delight every time Nicholas True gets involved in anything. And then double it to take account of the fact that as leader of Richmond Council, Lord True (yes, he is a Lord) is a man who gets involved lot’s of things. That’s why he’s a lord. Obviously. Of course you’ll then need to knock that delight rating down a peg or two to take account of him being called Nick rather than Peter but the dial on the old delight-o-meter is still right up there.

Anywayyyy… that’s just a long winded way of saying that True’s latest thingy in the community has been to open up another slice of the Twickenham Riverside to public use. That’s a bit more land for the twickerati to enjoy and a bit less fenced-off derelict site for them to fume about.

The Twickenham riverside 'Secret Garden' (photo: @monkeybanjo)
Although billed on the Council’s Twitter feed as the opening of a ‘secret garden’, quite a few people managed to find their way there for the unveiling. You can see it on LBRuT’s Facebook page here. (Yes they really do have one). Those expecting to find a secret swimming pool on the site of what once was a real swimming pool were disappointed. In his speech Lord True confides that the garden has no name. Howse about the Garden of True-th? Not bad. A definite maybe. But sources say that the new piece of green space has a kind of Blue Peter Garden feel about it, just without either tortoises or Percy Throwers rampaging around it. Nowt wrong with that and so we’ll declare that Twickenham now has its very own True Peter Garden. It’s another small but welcome step on the long road to opening up the old pool site to the people of Twickenham. Whether this takes us much closer to the grander visions of piazzas, ampitheatres, boutique shops and illuminated, synchronised fountains is an another matter entirely, but for now, it’s progress.

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: For those who want to see the grand opening in real life video, you can do that HERE. Shot by the intrepid monkeybanjo, could this be the first tentative steps towards twickerati tv? Jeremy Hunt would be so, so proud.