Not news, not rocket science but something close to just about everyone’s hearts… where exactly is the best place for Indian food in Twickenham? There’s a dozen or so restaurants around central Twickenham and Twickenham Green plus a few more take-aways. There are the traditional curry houses, there’s the more exotic south Indian food of Pallavi and there are those which set themselves up as modern restaurants.

So how about: Indus (new and well reviewed on here), Taste of Mogul, Sheesh Mahal, Delhi Durbar, Naz (aka Laagan), Pallavi, Twickenham Tandoori, Rawalpindi, Standard Tandoori, Regal Haandi, Taste of Raj or Green Spice? Or maybe Marble Hill Tandoori, Amin’s, the Gurhka’s Inn or Atithi?

Good reviews seem common for Sheesh Mahal, Twickenham Tandoori and Pallavi. Meanwhile the team at twickerati have been known to order take-aways from Amin’s and use the Delhi Durbar.

So what’s your favourite? There are people out there desperate for your recommendations and non-libellous reviews! P.S. You don’t need to be registered or provide an email address to comment.

(update: so, where is the best place to grab a coffee in Twickenham? Discuss the best cafes here or the best Chinese here)