Best curry house in Twickenham? It’s the burning question.

Not news, not rocket science but something close to just about everyone’s hearts… where exactly is the best place for Indian food in Twickenham? There’s a dozen or so restaurants around central Twickenham and Twickenham Green plus a few more take-aways. There are the traditional curry houses, there’s the more exotic south Indian food of Pallavi and there are those which set themselves up as modern restaurants.

So how about: Indus (new and well reviewed on here), Taste of Mogul, Sheesh Mahal, Delhi Durbar, Naz (aka Laagan), Pallavi, Twickenham Tandoori, Rawalpindi, Standard Tandoori, Regal Haandi, Taste of Raj or Green Spice? Or maybe Marble Hill Tandoori, Amin’s, the Gurhka’s Inn or Atithi?

Good reviews seem common for Sheesh Mahal, Twickenham Tandoori and Pallavi. Meanwhile the team at twickerati have been known to order take-aways from Amin’s and use the Delhi Durbar.

So what’s your favourite? There are people out there desperate for your recommendations and non-libellous reviews! P.S. You don’t need to be registered or provide an email address to comment.

(update: so, where is the best place to grab a coffee in Twickenham? Discuss the best cafes here or the best Chinese here)


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84 responses to “Best curry house in Twickenham? It’s the burning question.

  1. Anonymous

    been to the Green Spice of Twickenham Green with friends. It was the greatest curry restaurant I have been to in the whole of Twickenham. The staffs were friendly. The food are absolutely delicious.

  2. Ishola

    Dreadful stuff from Moidul’s Rawalpindi a couple of weeks ago.

    Two curries were ordered for delivery but this proved too much for them as only one curry turned up on the doorstep.

    When the missing curry finally arrived it was barely edible and bore no resemblance to what a Dhansak dish should taste of at all.

    Worst ever food delivery experience.

  3. henry

    Twick Tandoori is consistently good, ignore Adrian’s comment above, obviously someone who doesn’t have a clue!

  4. After 20 years as a Twickenham resident and frim curry fans..we have tried them all but have to say that ‘Taste of Raj’ on Twickenham Green is the absolute best..we initially tried their Thursday night inexpensive banquet night but have to say now that it is our any night indulgence for great flavorsome cuisine..
    We think its the starter relishes that show the calibre and its really in house made at Taste of Raj..often with surprises

  5. Alas, the Standard Tandoori on Heath Road has now closed after 39 years – Twickenham’s 2nd oldest curry house. I’ve been going there every week for 24 years, and my wife has since it opened in 1975!

  6. Rob

    The only real Indian restaurant is Atithi. The rest are Bangladeshi which is the common curry-house style using lots of ghee and onion and resulting in a curry that is very oily and unhealthy if eaten frequently. If you want to eat curry as it would be in India there is only one option in Twickenham – and its fantastic. Sounds snobby, but those in the know and have spent time in India would only eat in Atithi.

  7. Anonymous

    Just to let everyone know that Amin’s former chef who did work at Regal Haandi is no longer working at Regal Haandi. This is not a slur on RH it’s just to state facts and not mislead customers. Also, to state facts Amin and Mr. Miah have no link’s to Amin’s even though the current management may claim that they do.

    I have loved reading all the comments in this blog and I must say that as wide as the range is of curry choice in Twickenham, the town has been ready for something truly authentic and enticing for about 5 years but it hasn’t happened. The industry has made customers so aware of tastes that they crave something new and genuinely traditional, I should know as I was in the trade for over 15 years in Twickenham. I would like to know if anyone else agrees with me as its all about offering the best tastes to customers.

    • Adrian

      By far the best option is Tangawizi in East Twickenham. It is Michelin acclaimed. We tried Twickenham Tandoori and it was dreadful – the decor hasn’t been updated since the 80’s, the menus were filthy and food just about edible.

  8. Justin

    Nah its gotta be the Gurkas Inn, very good grub and pretty well priced!

  9. Dukes of Orleans

    Twickenham Tandoori is still the best. We have tried most in the area and they are the most consistent. They will even let you go off menu! Not actually a new discovery we know, as obviously popular on any night. Cosy too. We used to rate Amins as the best takeaway in the area, but this seems to have gone a bit down in standard of late.