Happy New Year Twickenham! Hope you had a great Christmas.

Right, now that we’ve got the pleasantries out of the way we can get back to business as usual… 2011 is going to be an interesting year and for some, it’ll be a tough one. Services provided by central and local government will be scaled back as budget cuts bite, the VAT increase will hit our wallets, the much awaited revival on the UK’s high streets may finally appear (or not) and the property market – a much beloved topic of conversation in the leafier burbs such as Twickenham – could take a bit of a dive.

So, having eliminated any residual New Year goodwill with all that positivity it may seem that personal New Year resolutions look rather lost in the grand scheme of things. Not a problem. Here at twickerati we have resolved to keep it simple and continue doing what we like to think that we already do, namely provide ill-informed opinion on Twickenham issues, give an alternative take on local news and events, and encourage everyone to take an interest in their community, shops and businesses.

However, one resolution that we will look at in more detail is whether it’s possible to do one event which translates online ramblings into positive action. Eh? Surely the computer keyboard provides the perfect safety valve between expressing an intention and actually doing something in the real world. Maybe. But maybe there’s Just One Thing that could work – a one-off event that makes something interesting happen in downtown Twickers. It would be great to hear more of your ideas on this theme.

In the meantime what else is coming up in 2011 in Twickenham? Quite a lot actually: a decision on Solum’s plans for Twickenham station, progress on the swimming pool saga, some more detail on Councillor True’s New Year message about how Richmond Council’s budget constraints will affect local jobs and services and also get more engagement from the community in local decision making. Add to that new shops and restaurants filling vacant space on the high street to follow recent additions such as TCB Tattoo (have you got yours yet?), Indus & Patisserie Valerie, a move to a bigger Church Street premises for Sweet Memories and of course more local exhibitions, art, comedy, music and sport in and around the town. In short, there’s a lot going on. Yes 2011 is going to be a challenging year but there’s every reason to hope that it’s going to be a good one too. So best wishes for the year ahead and let’s keep the conversation going.