LBRuT’s Planning Committee meet this week [edit:16 Dec as was]to decide on Solum Regeneration’s plan for a podium over the railway tracks. This is the big concrete thingy that forms a key part of their plans for re-developing the Twickenham station site. The Council’s case officer is recommending that permission be granted subject to “section 106” conditions, which cover various things including trying to ensure that the podium does not become some kind of huge white elephant should Solum’s plans for the main development not be approved.

The public can attend the committee but anyone wishing to speak needs to register in advance. It takes place on Thursday 16th December at 6.30p.m. at York House and the agenda for it (and links to the planning report) are here.

TRAG’s page on the podium is here.
Network Rail & Kier Properties’ vision for us, complete with selected images, is here.

The podium plan was deferred at the Richmond Council planning committee on Thursday 16th. The committee took the sensible view that it was not realistic to approve a giant podium separately from Solum Regeneration’s scheme for the whole station. Combining the podium and building plans seems pretty obvious and is probably even welcomed by Solum (why have two planning applications running concurrently when you can just have one). But it does raise the question as to why the case officer recommended it for approval as a stand alone scheme in the first place. To be continued…