Just one thing…

At the daily editorial meeting at twickerati HQ this scenario was put to the team and now we’re putting it to you: forget all the talk of Richmond Council, All in One Surveys, developers, planning, Twickenham station, pedestrianisation, ice rinks and cinemas. If you were up for doing one thing, just one thing, that involved nothing more than you and your time and which benefited the town or its residents in some way, what would it be? What would you improve, fix, teach, clean, paint, mend, plant, perform? Would it be a people thing or an infrastructure thing?

In other words pretend, go on just pretend, that you’ve volunteered yourself for a Twickenham charity flashmob. You don’t need money. You’re not going to fill in a load of paperwork for the Council. You”re just going to do it. What’s the first thing on your list?


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3 responses to “Just one thing…

  1. George

    Howse about old folks. Either something worthy like a spot of gardening or some kind of entertainment like a cycling flashmob choir doing 1940s standards. Precise location and route, tbc.

    Or as the comment above say, open up retail space for artists. Some instant art one day exhibitions?

  2. I would get a mob to go round the town for one day picking up litter and pile it all up in one great big heap in a park (Kneller?). We could take press, local businesses, schools and colleges there and show them what they are doing to this lovely place by littering and how anti-social it is.

    I would also make all free retail space open to local artists to display their work.

  3. Robyn G

    I would give all the shop fronts a really good wash down especially the empty shops which are starting to get covered in goodness know what. then for those shops still open I would ask their Visual Merchandisers to redo their windows as there’s just nothing inspiring on the main high street, as an example Clintons!