At the daily editorial meeting at twickerati HQ this scenario was put to the team and now we’re putting it to you: forget all the talk of Richmond Council, All in One Surveys, developers, planning, Twickenham station, pedestrianisation, ice rinks and cinemas. If you were up for doing one thing, just one thing, that involved nothing more than you and your time and which benefited the town or its residents in some way, what would it be? What would you improve, fix, teach, clean, paint, mend, plant, perform? Would it be a people thing or an infrastructure thing?

In other words pretend, go on just pretend, that you’ve volunteered yourself for a Twickenham charity flashmob. You don’t need money. You’re not going to fill in a load of paperwork for the Council. You”re just going to do it. What’s the first thing on your list?