Autumn has sneaked into Twickenham. Leaves turning brown and gold, conkers getting crushed into the pavements, a grey half-light of dawn when the alarm goes off and, for some parents, a time to make decisions on school choices. Don’t get depressed. October has quite a few things that are worth a look. Two highlights are Strawberry Hill House opening to the public on 2nd October after a major refurbishment. Horace Walpole’s pioneering 18th century gothic pile was featured on the Restoration TV programme a few years ago but didn’t make the cut and so it’s great that sufficient funding has been secured from the Lottery and elsewhere to renovate it. And at the back end of October is the annual Richmond Lock and Weir Draw Off. In English, please.

Thames near Eel Pie Island during weir draw off
That means, it’s the time when they open the half-lock at Richmond and the river gets really shallow at low tide. That gives a really different feel to the Thames around Twickenham and you can almost walk across to Eel Pie Island when the river’s at its lowest.

So there you go, falling leaves, muddy river banks on dark brooding mornings and a gothic house to wander round. Who says Twickenham lacks atmosphere?

Thanks for September
And also just a quick word to say thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read twickerati. September has been the best month for traffic and interaction on the site. Twickerati only launched in May and after the initial flurry of interest came the hangover, an ever-so-slightly disappointing 27 (yes, 27) site views in the whole of June. Ouch! Luckily that’s now a distant memory and twickerati is getting hundreds of page views a month with a direction of travel that is very definitely upwards. Another thing on the self-indulgent front is just to say that if you do enjoy the site, please tell others, sign up for email updates, follow it on Twitter and Facebook and all that good stuff. And of course if you don’t like it then constructive feedback will be gratefully received and sometimes even read. And finally, pictures. A gallery section has just been added for local photos. See where it says Pix on the top menu bar? It’s right there. Surely you can do better than the twickerati photographic department. Get in touch or post a link to the pix on Flickr or wherever you hide them. And on the right hand menu bar we’re also added some thumbnail previews of the Twickenham photo group on Flickr itself, hence the title Flickr-nam. Clever, eh?