This weekend it’s Open House London. Of course, if you’re reading this after 19th September then you’re just going to have to treat this as a heads up for the 2011 Open House days. What days? Come on, you know this stuff! Last year? Remember? When cousin Ivy twisted her ankle on the steps of Television Centre and fell into that smarmy bloke off DIY SAS? Yes?

Anyyywayyyy, it’s the time when all sorts of weird and wonderful buildings around the capital open their doors to joe public. Some require advance booking but for most it’s just a case of turn up and get nosing around. After all, the British love a good snoop around and this annual event provides a great opportunity to take a break from twitching the net curtains at home and take a sneaky peek round everything from private houses to monuments, from office blocks to mausoleums. (Although, to be fair, if Regal House were open it might cover both of those last two bases).

Some of the places around Twickenham where you can have a nose include the obvious ones such as Marble Hill House (pictured), York House and the Twickenham Museum through to the less obvious such as Teddington School. The school has a brand spanking new building and is highly regarded by fish (it has an excellent Bream rating apparently) but come on, who wants to visit a school at the week end?

Heading back towards Twickers there’s also a chance to see the houses in Fieldend. Where? Field End, Fieldend. Off Waldegrave Road. You know those 60s houses with flat roofs and flat fronts that often lack inspiration, well think again. Fieldend was built in 1960 by the award winning Span Estates and not only has it retained it’s original “design for modern living” character, it has now morphed into to something of a design classic. Lastly and perhaps the strangest around here is the Kilmorey Mausoleum in St Margarets, a pink and grey stone affair built in the Egyptian stylee in the 1850s. Check out both and you’ll be getting from ancient Egypt to 60s modernism in about 10 minutes. So stop twitching the nets and do some nosing instead.

More details and a search thingy are on the Open House site right here.