Tesco makes its appearance in Twickenham on Monday 26th. The Tesco Express in the former Red Lion pub has stirred up some strong feelings and, if we’re honest with ourselves, we’d have to say that not all of those feelings have been 100% positive. Now the shelves are stacked, the special offer signs are up (seriously, how can goods be half price in a shop that is not yet open?), the staff are getting their final briefings and the auto-checkout machine is probably telling is tester for the 150th time to “please place the item in the bagging area”. At the end of May we covered the Tesco threat/promise of thousands of products on the doorstep. Well now the time has come to see whether shoppers are lured through its doors in droves (probably yes) and whether that has a detrimental effect on the other stores along Heath Road and around the Green (again, probably yes for some of them). Tesco are very successful and understand their markets well, and it’s comforting to know that the residents of TW1 & TW2 probably have their whole lifestyles condensed into a series of code letters on a database somewhere at Tesco Towers. But fear not, some scope for diversity on the high street remains because in the years ahead we’ll all be able to say, “You know that old Tesco building? Well, that used to be a local pub once upon a time”.