Richmond Council are using Twitter. Yes, they’re actually getting down with the Twitterati. No harm in that. In fact, it’s a good thing. Communication is a key part of what they do and if borough residents want to be kept up to date with local government issues through social media sites then it’s only right that the Council responds. @twickerati has now become a follower of theirs. But it’s also interesting to see who LBRUT are following, to see who’s hot or not in their eyes. Well, not for them are the likes of national treasure Stephen Fry or arch spinmeister Alistair Campbell by they do like, among others, Sutton Council and Hillingdon Council. “Hello other council, will you be my fwend?” It’s really kind of sweet if it’s possible for a London Borough Council to be sweet. Their tweets (i.e. what normal people call posts) seem to be a mix of what’s going on and job adverts. The former we like – a quick, cheap and easy way to spread the word. The latter is something of a scourge on Twitter we can live without – if you must, set up a separate jobs account, please!

But who is the Tweeter? Is it one person? Is it Jeff in the press office? Or is it a committee of 20 councillors and employees in the Department of Tweet Services sitting around a large table pondering the ramifications of each and every post before finally, after hours of internal politicking and horse trading, a fragile compromise is reached? And then, hunched over the PC the 140 characters are carefully typed and submitted (by Jeff) while councillors, workers and union reps look on, the tension etched into their sweating, furrowed brows until Lord True himself gives the nod and the ‘tweet’ button is pressed at last. We may never know, but the second suggestion is the one we’re sticking with for the time being. It just seems right.