The well off and well connected have Henley, Ascot and Glyndebourne. The kids have Glastonbury, V and Reading. And the Guardian readers of the leafiest streets of north London have Latitude. Yes, festival season is here and down Twickenham way it’s already kicked off. Big style. The Twickenham Green Fair, the opening gig, had more cakes, plants and tombolas than you can shake a stick at (despite the declining popularity of stick shaking in recent years). The overcast weather didn’t put off the twickerati who were out in force, spending their hard earned brass, consuming tea and lemon drizzle cake in quantity, and signing up to local interest groups. At events like this you can’t help but wonder who’d win a fist fight between Twickenham Women’s Institute and the Friends of Twickenham Green. Perhaps it’s best not to speculate.

Meanwhile the festival bandwagon rumbles back down Heath Road for the Twickenham Festival before heading back Greenside for Twickenham Festival Fun Day on 19th June. Then it’s east to the St Margarets Fair on Moormead in Sat 10th July. If after all that you’re still in the mood for doughnuts, raffles, beer, wine, more cakes, music and more beer, there’s the season’s finale, Strawberry Hill Music & Fun Day on Sunday 18th July. And best of all, there’s no need to camp and you can walk there and back.
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