The government is getting busy writing to schools and drafting its Academies Bill. This will give schools the opportunity to opt out of local authority control and have more say over their own affairs. Under the plans, academy status will now be available to primary as well as secondary schools. The Bill will also be making provision for other interested parties (parents, faith groups, teachers, sandal wearers and presumably faceless service provision companies) to apply to set up schools. It’s an interesting idea but will it happen in Twickenham? The primary schools are already very good and so might not have much to gain by opting out. Of the local state secondary schools, Waldegrave does very well in the league tables and Orleans Park turns in some decent results. Hardly schools in dire need of transformation. But might there be a chance for some eager pioneers to set up a single sex boys secondary school à la Waldegrave? A kind of Tiffin-lite for Twickenham. It could do quite well but they’ll have to think of a good name as Whitton School will be morphing into “Twickenham Academy” later in 2010. Given Whitton’s appropriation of the Twickenham name, perhaps we could retaliate with a Whitton Academy just to confuse people. Tag line: “If you can work out where we are, you can come here.” And if you wonder about the sort of parents that might want go to the huge effort of setting a school then this article gives a good insight into what’s going on up the road in Ealing.