That didn’t last long did it? We think that was what’s called a ‘sunny spell’. That little bit of warmth may have given a feeling of optimism over the prospects for two central Twickenham stores. It is possible that someone woke up one bright morning and thought, “What Twickenham needs right now is two milkshake/ice cream shops on the same stretch of road.” It’s possible but unlikely. But whatever the inspiration, we got two shops and there can only be one winner. (Disclaimer: two or no winners may be equally valid outcomes). In the pink corner, Yummies on London Road (ice creams, frozen yoghurts, milkshakes) already looks closed more often than open and certainly seemed very shut over the hottest weekend of the year despite the rugby crowds. Meanwhile, in the pink & black & green stripy corner, is Shhhakes (milkshakes & ice creams) also on, you guessed it, London Road. It’s very much open for business and carries an extensive range, many featuring “blitzed” chocolate bars.But with prices kicking off at £2.30 for a “regular” it’s not immediately clear who the target market is unless the kids today now get more than a shilling a week in pocket money. There’s something very 1950’s about milkshake bars with their retro chic but given that we’re all now supposed to be living in the 1980s (again) let’s hope we’re not humming Ashes to Ashes over this one in the near future.