So, who’d have thought it? Former Labour and SDP supporter turned Lib Dem MP for Twickenham Vince Cable becomes Business Secretary in the new Tory led coalition. Most twickerati will be pleased for Dr Cable, one of the more sensible MPs in the House. But will we now see a LibCon ‘love in’ on Richmond Council in response to developments in Westminster? Will there be a joint press conference in the rose garden at York House? If so every LBRUT decision will sail through with unanimous support. ‘In these difficult times’ perhaps we’ll finally find a ‘new kind of politics’ that can deliver ‘strong and stable government’ so that Twickenham riverside can be developed for all ‘hardworking families’ to enjoy. And thanks to his new penchant for those to the right of centre, Vince will no doubt be happy to support it.