A lot of people have been fretting about the opening of a Poundland in central Twickers for lowering the tone of the neighbourhood and all that. Apparently some wanted an indoor farmers market, presumably like the one in Hampton Hill. The one that closed down last year. Twickenham already has a farmers market that seems to work well. Would moving it indoors have generated much more business? I’m not sure. That kind of shopping expedition is for week-end luxuries and not everyday shopping, after all, that’s what Waitrose’s Essentials range is for. An indoor market would struggle to make a decent business proposition, like the one in Hampton Hill (that’s right, the one that closed down). Meanwhile Poundland’s cash tills ring out. The Twickerati are clearly shopping there even if some don’t like the idea of it. There’s nothing like a bargain to entice the average shopper. Face it, we may not always get the shops we’d like, but we usually get the shops we deserve.