Surge in Tory support to save riverside?

Poor old Serge Lourie. The leader of Richmond Council has become the ex-leader of Richmond Council and former Lib Dem councillor, after losing out by 6 (yes, six!) votes to the 3rd placed Tory candidate David Linnette (who he?). Over in Kew I doubt Serge’s ideas for Twickenham riverside played a huge part in his demise but it certainly can’t have helped him. With all the spare time that he’ll now have, he could do worse than spending some of it relaxing in a modern, green community space beside the river in sunny Twickers. If the Tories do what they promised (and that’s always the big if) then he might now get the chance.

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  1. Mrs Mum

    Actually they would have lost by more votes if I hadn’t been such a numpty and only put one cross down beside available Tory candidates – didn’t read the guidelines see! I too hope the local Conservatives honour their pledge to keep the riverside land in the hands of the local people for whom it was pledged, cos it’s the first time I’ve ever voted blue and is against all my usual principles.