Who will be able to resist the lure of a local Tesco in Twickenham in what was the Red Lion pub on Heath Road? It will just be soooo convenient for the good folks at the Green end of town. Yes it might eliminate the need to walk all the way to M&S food or even as far as Waitrose but surely it will sound the death knell for some of the small businesses along Heath Road. We all love convenience, it’s human nature to find the most efficient ways of doing things, and yet love to complain about the increasingly characterless nature of our high streets. Poundland wouldn’t be where it is if it wasn’t shifting units. Shopping at Tesco and then buying a slice of organic buffalo cheese at the farmers market once a week might help boost our sense of “doing our bit” but when did a sliver of cheese save the high street? Really. So who’s going to be using local shops whenever possible even if it adds a 5 minutes to the trip and a few pence to the bill? I will not be shopping at Tesco local. Fact. At least not until it’s open that is. And then? Well, we’ll see.